About us

Οur premises are located in Ano Kastelliana, which is small village in the southern part of Crete at the foothills of Asterousia Mountains. The region is well known for its tradition of good quality oil with very low acidity. This is directly related to our brand new products which are manufactured by our company, the olive paste by a variety called Koroneiki.

We currently have eight different olive paste flavors. However, it is worth mentioning that our pure olive paste, without any impurity (spices or other ingredients), has an amazing taste and exudes the real and natural flavor of olives and olive oil.
Notwithstanding, for an excellent quality product to be produced, the use of pure ingredients is not enough. What also plays a significant role is the process itself. With respect to quality and our local traditional recipe for olive maintenance, we process olives naturally that is by using natural sea salt without any chemical additives.

Furthermore, we pasteurize our final product in order to avoid the use of preservatives, with the sole exception of lactate, a totally natural preservative, which is used to store the olives. The pits of the olives as well as the olives husks are totally removed so as to create a light and natural product in combination with the low acidity of the olive oil of the area.

Hence, we are proud to present our new wide variety of different flavors of olive paste under the brand name PRIANSOS. By the same trade name, there is olive oil including simple, virgin and extra virgin also available.